Redefining Fast Food - FRESH FOOD FAST !!

Welcome to Red Rockets


Our Mission

Simply we have set our sights on excellence and are among the leaders in the food industry who have taken on the challenges of redefining fast food by using quality ingredients and uncompromising procedures, we offer you our most valued customers “Fresh Food Fast”

Our Menu

Our Story

Red Rockets was founded on Upper Ottawa St. in Hamilton, Ontario in May of 2000. At the time chicken wings were used primarily as a novelty concept (fun food) for the bar patrons of Southern Ontario.

We were among the first in the province to recognize the potential of selling chicken wings outside of the bar scene and in doing so have created well-balanced meals that we offer to everyone.

Thank you to our neighbors in Buffalo, New York where chicken wings were first enjoyed. In those days chicken wings were being offered for as little as 10¢ each to entice pub-goers to come in. They were practically being given away.
A lot has happened since those days and now chicken wings can be found in every bar/restaurant and take-out. There are even Wing Festivals throughout Ontario.

So it is safe to say chicken wings are here to stay and as the founder of Red Rockets let me assure you we will continue to serve the freshest, tastiest wings we know how.